Remote Training

Remote Training: Ready to elevate your fitness journey, even if you're not in Kansas City? After a comprehensive questionnaire and collaborative discussion, Justine will craft a personalized workout program tailored to your unique needs and goals. Conveniently access your workouts through the EverFit App, whether you're at the gym or home. Your program undergoes monthly updates, propelling your fitness journey forward with weekly adjustments to lifts for continuous progress. Justine closely monitors your journey, offering weekly check-ins and responses within 24 hours through the chat app, ensuring unwavering support and accountability. 

Remote Training + Nutrition Coaching: Opt for the all-inclusive Remote Training + Nutrition Coaching, where Justine determines your caloric and macronutrient needs based on your goals. Log your daily food intake in the app for accountability, progress tracking, and meeting specific nutrition goals. If tracking isn't the right fit for you, no worries – Justine can provide alternative strategies to ensure overall healthy choices that align with your goals. Weekly check-ins, with responses within 24 hours through the app chat, guarantee ongoing support and guidance for your success.


  • Remote Training: $175/month (month-to-month commitment)
  • Remote Training + Nutrition Coaching: $230/month (3-month commitment required)