Remote Training

Not local to Kansas City, but still interesting in a workout program developed specifically for you? After your free virtual 15 minute initial assessment and consultation, an individualized program will be created to program workouts specifically geared towards your needs and goals. Justine will send you an invite link powered by the EverFit App. Access your workouts and complete in a gym or home at your convenience. Your program will be updated monthly to progress you in your fitness journey. Justine will remain in close contact to check the progress on your app and to keep in contact with you for accountability.


Remote Training = $140/month

Remote Training + Nutrition Coaching = $180/month

Above remote training provided in addition to nutrition coaching. Justine will indicate your caloric needs and macronutrient ratios in regard to your goals. Log you food into the app's daily to hold yourself accountable, track your progress, and meet the nutrition goals specifically calculated for you. Justine will provide you with the resources and knowledge to be successful in this process. Check-ins weekly with responses provided within 24 hrs in the app chat.